• 25.05.2020
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Fair Research Contracting

A Self-Assessment Tool for Institutions

The fair research contracting self-assessment tool supports institutions to engage in fair and equitable negotiation processes for formal contracts despite recognised imbalances in institutional contracting capacities.

The endeavour to advance sustainable development and the quest for viable solutions to global challenges are predicated upon efficient, fair and equitable transboundary research partnerships. Transboundary research partnerships are often characterised by imbalances in capacity in this negotiation process as research institutes from low- and middle-income countries generally have limited institutional contracting capacity. The easy to use self-assessment tool for fair research contracting helps support a fair and equitable negotiation process for formal contracts despite recognised imbalances in institutional contracting capacity, thereby supporting efficient and just transboundary research partnerships.

The self-assessment tool provides a 10 steps approach for assessing an institution's capability to negotiate and conclude fair and equitable research agreements and contracts. This self-assessment is summarised in a 1 page tool that can be applied to understand and improve current strengths and weaknesses of an institution's research contracting capability.


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