• 22.07.2020
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Six open rank professorships at the Bern Wyss Academy for Nature

Wyss Academy for Nature
Wyss Academy for Nature
Wyss Academy for Nature

The new Wyss Academy for Nature, Universität Bern, is hiring 6 open rank professorships in: Climate change scenarios in vulnerable regions, Integrative biodiversity conservation science, Co-design of land systems, Governance innovation, Political economy, ICT for nature and people.

The Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern is dedicated to shaping sustainable futures for nature and people by strengthening and harmonizing nature conservation, human well-being, and natural resource use in different landscapes around the world. Focusing on interactions between people, land, biodiversity, and climate change, the Wyss Academy will produce path-breaking knowledge for transformation and actively build partnerships between science, policy, civil society, and the private sector to generate concrete solutions from local to global levels.

Application Deadline September 14, 2020

Further information on the website of the Wyss Academy for Nature

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