• 15.11.2014
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Environmental Humanities Switzerland Website

Environmental humanities
Image: Alison Pouliot
Environmental humanities
Environmental humanities (Image: Alison Pouliot)

Environmental Humanities Switzerland launched its own website. Check it out...

The enormous scope and complexity of today’s environmental problems require knowledge derived from the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities, engaging experts within and beyond universities. While there is general agreement that contributions from the humanities are essential for understanding and mitigating environmental problems, differences remain about the core questions of the humanities in environmental research, the best ways for humanists to work with each other and with scientists, and the next steps for developing environmental research in the humanities.

Environmental Humanities Switzerland aims to become a key regional network in the growing worldwide movement to provide novel insights about humans in nature, especially through the goal of helping resolve complex environmental problems. Switzerland holds special potential to develop rich conversations between scientists and non-scientists, be they humanists, social scientists, artists, advocates, NGO specialists and community leaders.

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    • Climate (459)
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  • Organisations
    • CHIPP (126)
    • Swiss Academy of Sciences (118)
    • FOEN (100)
    • Forum for Genetic Research (91)
    • ProClim (74)
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