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Group picture SGA/SSA 2018
  • 09.10.2018
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Report of the SGA/SSA Workshop and Annual Meeting 2018 in Lausanne and Bern

On Saturday, October 6th, this year’s annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Anthropology (SGA) took place at the Unitobler in Bern. On Friday, october 5th, the workshop "Imaging in Anthropology" was organized at the CURML in Lausanne.
Annual meeting of the SGA/SSA 2017 group picture
  • 30.11.2017
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Report of the SGA/SSA Workshop and Annual Meeting 2017 in Zurich

On Saturday, November 25th, this year’s annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Anthropology (SGA) took place at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich. On Friday, November 24th, the SGA and the AGHAS (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Historische Anthropologie der Schweiz) had organized a workshop about “teeth” at the same place.
Lobarie pulmonaria
  • 18.10.2017
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Open places: Rigi Workshop 2018

The Rigi Workshop is an interdisciplinary course for PhD students organized by the platform biology of the SCNAT in collaboration with four experts from the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, University of Neuchâtel, University of Zürich and from the University of Basel.
Der neu entdeckte römische Blei-Sarg gibt seine Geheimnisse preis
  • 15.05.2017
  • SDA
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Einmaliger Fund: Bleisarg von Augusta Raurica

Der in Augusta Raurica entdeckte Bleisarg aus der Römerzeit war das Grab einer älteren Dame mit Zahnschmerzen. Das zeigen erste Ergebnisse der wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen an den Überresten.
Group Picture of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016
  • 01.12.2016
  • SGA
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Report of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016 in Basel

The Annual Meeting of the SGA/SSA was a great success. The day started with the business meeting with important agenda items (including amendments of the statutes). After the business meeting Dr. George McGlynn from Munich, Germany presented the excavation of the graveyard from the psychiatric hospital in Hall, Tirol. The day continued with further presentations, including preliminary results of new excavation sites, analyses on mummies, research of the findings from a Neolithic Dolmen and many many more. Find out more about the Annual Meeting in the report.
  • 29.02.2016
  • University of Neuchâtel
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Au-delà des chronologies. Des origines du radiocarbone et de la dendrochronologie à leur intégration dans les recherches lacustres suisses

Le tome 53 de la série Archéologie neuchâteloise vient de paraître. Issu de la thèse de doctorat de Géraldine Delley soutenue en 2014 à l'Université de Neuchâtel, ce volume se situe à la charnière entre l'archéologie et l'histoire des sciences. Il retrace un moment essentiel de l'histoire de l'archéologie dans la seconde moitié du 20e siècle, de la mise au point des méthodes du radiocarbone et de la dendrochronologie jusqu'à leur intégration définitive dans les recherches lacustres.
Environmental humanities
  • 15.11.2014
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Environmental Humanities Switzerland Website

Environmental Humanities Switzerland launched its own website. Check it out...
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