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  • 27.05.2020
  • ProClim
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Now’s the Time to Herald in a Wirtschaftswunder

Post Corona crisis: We should not simply revive the same economy. Let's use the recovery funds promised by the federal government wisely to set the course for a more liveable future.
EEA (2019) The European environment — state and outlook 2020: knowledge for transition to a sustainable Europe
  • 04.12.2019
  • FOEN
  • EEA
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The Environment in Europe – State and Outlook 2020

Despite considerable progress, Europe continues to face great environmental challenges. This is the conclusion reached in the new Environment Report from the European Environment Agency (EEA). Compared with its neighbouring countries, Switzerland received mixed scores depending on the environmental sector concerned.
Bagger pflügt Boden um
  • 26.09.2018
  • Press release

Policy-makers cannot afford to ignore soil sustainability

Soils play a key role in climate regulation, nutritious diets, agricultural livelihoods, and biodiversity. But soils have dropped down the EU policy agenda, despite their importance for society and nature. There are many opportunities for policy to safeguard the future of Europe’s soils and play its part in reversing global trends in soil degradation.
Soil index points make it possible to control the use of high-quality soil by settlement developments.
  • 04.05.2018
  • Swiss National Science Foundation
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Maintaining valuable soils

Each year almost one thousand hectares of cultivated land continue to be lost, thereby wiping out numerous services delivered by the soil, such as filtering water and storing carbon, which are central for our society’s wellbeing. The National Research Programme "Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource" (NRP 68) is suggesting ways in which spatial planning can be structured so that this loss remains as small as possible. First and foremost, soil quality should play a larger role in spatial planning decision-making.
Landnutzungsklassen für landwirtschaftlich genutzte Flächen im Schweizer Mittelland von 2000 bis 2015
  • 24.04.2018
  • Swiss National Science Foundation
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Switzerland needs nationwide soil mapping

To use soil sustainably calls for detailed information about its properties. However, this is lacking for large areas of Switzerland. The National Research Programme “Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource” (NRP 68) is proposing a “Swiss soil information platform” and showing how soil mapping can be expedited by using digital methods.
Online Course “Climate Change and Water in Mountain Regions: A Global Concern”
  • 05.03.2018
  • University of Geneva
  • News

Online course about Climate Change and Water in Mountain Regions

What is climate change? How are mountain regions affected by the evolution of water resources and their uses? What kind of risks need to be considered? A new online course on “Climate Change and Water in Mountain Regions: A Global Concern”, initiated by the University of Geneva, will provide answers on this topic.
The Climate Justice Cooperation Nexus
  • 23.01.2018
  • News

Climate Action and Human Wellbeing at a Crossroads: Historical Transformation or Backlash?

The Climate – Justice – Cooperation Nexus: 10 Cornerstones of the Great Transformation towards Sustainability
Selected significant climate-related events 2016-2017 (FutureEarth, adapted from NOAA 2017)
  • 08.01.2018
  • Future Earth
  • News

The 10 Science «Must Knows» on Climate Change

What are the 10 things you need to know about how climate change is affecting the world and how we can slow it down? Future Earth and the Earth League addressed those questions at a press briefing at COP23, summarising their new report.
Wie kann sich die Schweiz an den Klimawandel anpassen?
  • 18.10.2017
  • FOEN
  • News

Wie kann sich die Schweiz an den Klimawandel anpassen?

Im Zuge der Klimaänderungen werden Anpassungen an die Auswirkungen immer wichtiger. Im Video "Wie kann sich die Schweiz an den Klimawandel anpassen?" werden unterschiedliche Erkenntnisse aus dem Pilotprogramm "Anpassung an den Klimawandel" visualisiert.
BAFU. Pegelstand
  • 30.05.2017
  • FOEN
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Der gesellschaftliche Wandel, Landnutzungsänderungen und der fortschreitende Klimawandel setzen die Ressource Wasser auch in der Schweiz immer mehr unter Druck. Etwa lokale, vorübergehende Wasserknappheitsprobleme, Konflikte rund um Wasserentnahmen zu Bewässerungszwecken oder Landnutzungskonflikte in Grundwasserschutzzonen können Probleme sein. Das BAFU stellt zum Umgang mit diesen Wasserknappheitsproblemen Praxisgrundlagen zur Verfügung.
Rohstoff-Handel Anlass 20.9. 2016
  • 19.10.2016
  • News

Transparency in commodities trading: Options for action at the international level and in Switzerland

KFPE was co-organiser of this event, taking place 20 September 2016. The event was meant to provide an overview and stimulate dialogue about potential courses of action and solutions at both international and national level, while also providing different stakeholders (science, industry, NGOs and Members of Parliament) with an opportunity to share their views.
Media release Csiro: CO2 emissions rising faster than ever before
  • 11.07.2016
  • FOEN
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CO2-Emissionen im Jahr 2015

Die CO2-Statistik für das Jahr 2015 weist witterungsbereinigt weiterhin abnehmende Emissionen aus. Der Rückgang der Emissionen aus Brennstoffen gegenüber dem Vorjahr betrug 2,8 Prozent. Ohne Witterungsbereinigung sind sie hingegen um 5 Prozent gestiegen. Bei den Treibstoffen reduzierten sich die Emissionen um 4,3 Prozent, wobei diese Abnahme zu einem grossen Teil auf den infolge der Frankenstärke wegfallenden Tanktourismus zurückzuführen ist.
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