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Workshop Science on Stage Switzerland

Workshop - l'Educateur 7/16
Workshop - l'Educateur 7/16
Workshop - l'Educateur 7/16

Afin de faire profiter de leur expérience, des participant-e-s au festival londonien Science on Stage Europe 2015 ont présenté des projets du dernier festival.
Le clou de l’après-midi a certainement été l’intervention d’Anna Gunnarson de Science on Stage Sweden.

Source: Educateur 7/2016, p. 29

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Jun 8
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Workshop Science on Stage Switzerland 2016

Science on Stage Switzerland organized a workshop of half a day, Wednesday, 8 of June 2016, in Lausanne. The aim of this workshop was to share with the interested teachers the experiences of the teams participating to the European festival Science on Stage, London in June 2015. Participants representing Switzerland during the European Festival (see Educateur 7/2015, p. 28) have presented the best experiments of the festival. The programme of the afternoon was thus composed of a selection of the best experiments found in London and applicable in a STEM class (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The London participants have also presented their own experiment, with which they have participated to the competition. The main speaker of the workshop was the teacher Anna Gunnarsson, member of the Swedish delegation. She has presented her project «Adventurous science in stories and experiments» and shared her teaching concept with the participants. The starting point is a tale (Berta the dragon or Tunda and Triton, the bat and the salamander) including scientific notions and always ending with nice experiments and daily objects. The afternoon endrf with a fair and stands presenting the experiments of the Swiss teams.


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