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iStage 3 ou le football dans l’enseignement des sciences

iStage 3 - l'Educateur 16/08
iStage 3 - l'Educateur 16/08
iStage 3 - l'Educateur 16/08

Quelle est la courbe parfaite d’une trajectoire de ballon, à quoi doit ressembler le gazon idéal, quel est le bilan CO2 des Championnats d’Europe de l’UEFA? Répondez à ces questions avec les élèves de votre classe et participez au festival Science on Stage Europe.

Source: Revue l'Educateur 2016/08

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Stem League
  • 03.10.2017
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European STEM League: a Swiss team has been selected for the final in Dortmund!

What must the ideal football turf be like? What influence do energy drinks have on the performance of the players? Can you calculate the chance of scoring in a penalty shoot-out?
The brochure 'iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching' contains a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary challenges for students, encouraging them to discover the scientific phenomena behind the popular game.
In the European STEM League STEM teachers from all over Europe were called to implement the teaching ideas of the brochure in their classes.
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