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Rendez-vous à Debrecen en 2017

Sélection Debrecen – l'Educateur 1/17
Sélection Debrecen – l'Educateur 1/17
Sélection Debrecen – l'Educateur 1/17

Vous avez toujours tout voulu savoir sur la banane, envoyer une sonde dans la stratosphère avec vos élèves ou encore transformer l’eau en poudre? Trois des projets sélectionnés lors du concours national Science on Stage Switzerland répondent à vos questions et représenteront la Suisse au festival européen.

Source: Revue l'Educateur 2017/01

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Jun 29
Jul 2
Flyer Science on Stage 2017
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Science on Stage 2017

Under the motto 'Inventing the Future of Science Education' the next Science on Stage festival, the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers, took place from 29 June – 2 July 2017 in the Kölcsey Convention Centre in Debrecen, Hungary. At the festival around 350 primary teachers and STEM teachers came together to exchange innovative teaching concepts. They presented their most innovative ideas from teachers for teachers in a fair, in workshops, and performances.
Nov 12
Concours national SonS2016
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Swiss national Selection 2016

Every two years, Science on Stage Europe organises a Europe-wide education festival at venues across the continent. Each time, up to 350 STEM teachers from over 25 countries come together to share and exchange their ideas and concepts for successful mathematic-scientific-technical education. Each participant present his scientific activity during a Fair. Beside the visit of the different stands, everybody can participate to workshop, seminars, conferences and scientific shows.


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