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EEA Report No 8/2018: The circular economy and the bioeconomy — Partners in sustainability
  • 2018

The circular economy and the bioeconomy — Partners in sustainability

Europe uses natural resources unsustainably and the European Union has put in place policies on circular economy and bioeconomy in response. This European Environment Agency (EEA) report argues that implementing these two concepts in tandem, by applying specific design principles within a systemic approach, would improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental pressures.
  • 2017

Transformative learning and education for sustainable development

Is higher education capable of
promoting learning for change?
Can transformative learning nurture spaces for
innovation in education for sustainable
development? A call to action from saguf.
GeoAgenda No. 1/2017
  • 2017

GeoAgenda No. 1/2017

Wer in der Schweiz Geographie studieren möchte, für den stellt sich die Frage, welches Institut er oder sie wählen soll und aus welchen Gründen. Für Lena Bühlmann, Pascal Steinemann und Marius Vögtli, Copräsidentin und Copräsidenten des Verbands Junge Geographie Schweiz (JGS) und Gastautorin und -autoren der ersten Ausgabe der GeoAgenda im Jahr 2017, war dies der Anstoss, ein Porträt über die sieben universitären Geographieinstitute der Schweiz zu verfassen.
A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships: 11 Principles & 7 Questions (3rd ed., 2018)
  • 2012

A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships (3rd edition - 2018)

Transboundary and intercultural research in partnership is a continuous process of sound knowledge generation, building mutual trust, mutual learning and shared ownership.
Report (3.4 MB): Monitoring and evaluation for climate change adaptation
  • 2013

Monitoring and evaluation for climate change adaptation

The objective of this report is to provide an easy-to-read synthesis of current adaptation monitoring and evaluation tools, frameworks, and approaches for practitioners. This should enable them to more easily identify the information and tools that are most relevant to their needs. In addition the report should provide a short analysis of the “state of play” of adaptation monitoring and evaluation guidance, identifying key themes and reflecting upon gaps and future priorities.
Improving Impacts of Research Partnerships
  • 2006

Improving Impacts of Research Partnerships

The publication proposes 10 factors enabling or enhancing impact and points to 6 factors that hinder impact. In addition, conclusions and recommendations concerning enhancement of desired impacts are formulated for funding agencies and for researchers and their institutions.
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