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The Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV) is actively dedicated to the promotion of laboratory animal science, as well as the furthering of animal protection and ethical considerations in animal experiments. These aims shall be attained by organising education and the flow of information within the scientific community.
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The Swiss Entomological Society (SES) was founded in 1858, with the aims to study the insect fauna of Switzerland, to further the general entomological knowledge and to promote contacts between its members. Members are both professional and amateur entomologists.
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The Swiss Association of Bryology and Lichenology (Bryolich) gathers botanists devoted to the diffusion of knowledge on bryophytes and lichens, and to their protection and conservation in Switzerland.
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Support for students and young researchers in the field of Quaternary research.
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KFPE is the information hub for «North-South» research in Switzerland, both for researchers and for the target audience of the research. It promotes efficient, effective and equitable research cooperation with low and middle income countries. By doing so, KFPE contributes to sustainable development and to solving global problems.


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