Financial support

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SGV Travel Grant

The travel grant of Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association supports its members for continuing education.
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Membership ∙ Awards ∙ Grants

The Swiss Entomological Society recognizes outstanding publications with the Prix Moulines award.
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Travel Fee

The Swiss Association for Bryology and Lichenology (Bryolich) contributes to the travel costs of doctoral students.
CH-QUAT Support Young Researchers

Support for Young Researchers

The Swiss Society for Quaternary Research supports students and young researchers in their fieldwork.
Health PS (Joachim Pelikan SwissTPH - KFPE)

Funding Possibilities

The information hub promotes effective and equitable research cooperation with low and middle income countries.
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Travel grants

The Swiss Society of Toxicology awards travel grants to young researchers for the active participation at an international conference.

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Aargauer Stiftung

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Stiftung E. Rübel

Biogeographie, Ökologie, Systematik

Hydrologie, Limnologie

Stiftung F. A. Forel




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