Research with primates

Affe in Gehege der Universität Freiburg
Image: Eric Rouiller, Universität Freiburg
Affe in Gehege der Universität Freiburg
Affe in Gehege der Universität Freiburg (Image: Eric Rouiller, Universität Freiburg)

Research involving monkeys is a particularly controversial issue in our society, because the species so closely resembles humans. Their social behaviour is similar to ours, their faces, gestures and how they raise their young remind us of ourselves. For this reason, research involving primates is considered to be particularly problematic. Under what conditions can animals that resemble us so closely be used for animal experiments?

Primaten in Gehege an Universität Freiburg

Are primates used for distressing animal experiments?

Primates occupy a special position because of their resemblance with humans and because of their cognitive and emotional capabilities.
Affe in Primatenstuhl

Should the conduct of research with primates be banned?

No experiments with great apes have been conducted for a long time.