Capacity Building

Our web portal focuses on written descriptions of "how to proceed" when applying a method. We acknowledge that there are more aspects to be considered – e.g. moderation skills, theoretical underpinnings, wordings, the combination and sequencing of methods - in order to enhance the usefulness and quality of the methods.

In this capacity building section, td-net will elaborate on further aspects of capacity building – complementing the method profiles and experience reports.

This section is extended continuously.

Capacity building formats

To start with, we believe that it is important to link the written online sources with interpersonal exchange and mutual learning. That fore, we’ve developed capacity building formats:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any suggestion how to enrich this section or if you’re interested in our capacity building formats.


We’re currently assessing whether we should complement this web portal with a FAQ section. What do you think? Which questions would you like to have answered? Please contact us.

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