How are methods selected?

The main criterion for selecting methods for td-net’s collection is:

The method helps bridging different thought styles.

Other criteria include:

  • The method uses low-tech equipment;
  • The method communicates mainly using everyday language;
  • The method aims at developing a shared understanding or at identifying consensus and dissent;
  • The method facilitates exchange between thought-styles and allows jointly producing knowledge.

Criteria for exclusion are:

  • Integration of knowledge is done by one person (or by a machine) without inviting participants to give feedback or without taking feedback seriously;
  • The method is designed for co-producing knowledge within one particular thought collective, i.e. in a homogeneous group;
  • The method gives epistemic primacy to one specific thought style.

We excluded such methods not because they are not interesting or relevant, but because they lie outside of the scope of td-net’s toolbox for co-producing knowledge.

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