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"Physik am Freitag" at University of Bern

Jan 18
Mar 8
16:30 - 16:30
Exakte Wissenschaften (ExWi) der Universität Bern im Hörsaal 099.
"Physik am Freitag" lectures 2019
Image: Universität Bern
"Physik am Freitag" lectures 2019
"Physik am Freitag" lectures 2019 (Image: Universität Bern)

Since more than 10 years, the physics institutes of the University of Bern are offering a series of five public lectures explaining current research and results in physics on five Fridays starting at 16:30. The lectures are usually given in German and last about one hour followed by questions and small refreshments.

Suitable for

Age: 14-18, 18+, 20-40, 55+


Content: challenging
Interactivity: passive
Inside/outside: inside
Main organiser

University of Bern

More Information

Languages: English, German
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? No