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The Hydrology of Switzerland

Selected aspects and results

The present publication covers selected aspects and results concerning current knowledge of surface water and groundwater in Switzerland. It focuses on the basic aspects of hydrology in Switzerland and provides an easy-to-read overview.

The Hydrology of Switzerland
Image: BAFU, Berichte des BWG, Serie Wasser, Nr. 7, Bern, 2005

It is a monograph drawn up by several scientists under the guidance of the Swiss National Hydrological Survey and the Hydrology Group of the Geographical Institute at the University of Berne. It is aimed at the general public, for which reason not every scientific detail is explained.

Authors: Prof. Dr Manfred Spreafico, Prof. em. Rolf Weingartner
Pages: 137

Source: Spreafico, M. & Weingartner, R., 2005. Hydrologie der Schweiz – Ausgewählte Aspekte und Resultate. Berichte des BWG, Serie Wasser Nr. 7, Bern.


  • Groundwater
  • Hydrology