Many scientific disciplines deal with the temporal characteristics of nature. Detailed knowledge of the causes and consequences of the seasons is important in agriculture, weather and climate research, ecology, medicine and tourism. This web portal offers a lot of interesting information on this topic.more

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Schweizer Phänologie-Tag 2022 in Zürich nr2
Image: MeteoSchweiz; Barbara Pietragalla

Immer wieder —

Der Winter ging, der Sommer kam. Er bringt aufs neue wieder
Den vielbeliebten Wunderkram der Blumen und der Lieder.

Wie das so wechselt Jahr um Jahr, betracht ich fast mit Sorgen.
Was lebte, starb, was ist, es war, und heute wird zu morgen.

Stets muss die Bildnerin Natur den alten Ton benützen
In Haus und Garten, Wald und Flur zu ihren neuen Skizzen.

Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)

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Get to know seasonal research.

Long series of data show that spring in the 21st century arrives earlier than before.

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Explore the 10 seasons in the phenological calendar.

Learn about country sayings that are actually true.

ast herbst waldboden laub
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Learn how seasons form.

Explore the animal world throughout the changing seasons.

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Become active with our tips on how to "experience phenology".

Stay informed with our news.

Maybug taking off
Maybug taking offImage: Enrico Mevius

Verein GLOBE Schweiz
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Typical migratory birds: swallow, starling, robin, chaffinch, stork, blackbird, wagtail, Common Chiffchaff, Woodpigeon

Typical resident birds: sparrow, great tit, magpie, hawk, tawny owl, barn owl ...

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Who hibernates?
Bats, dormice, hamsters, hedgehogs and marmots

Who hibernates (Winterruhe)?
Badger, squirrel, raccoon and brown bear

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