Many scientific disciplines deal with the temporal characteristics of nature. Detailed knowledge of the causes and consequences of the seasons is important in agriculture, weather and climate research, ecology, medicine and tourism. This web portal offers a lot of interesting information on this topic.more

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Equitable Partnerships Resource Hub

UKCDR and ESSENCE launched a new Equitable Partnerships Resource Hub, which brings together guidance, tools and principles on equitable partnerships from across the world.

Equitable Partnerships Resource Hub

The hub aims to support all those involved in the research process to develop or embed policies and practices which support equity in international research partnerships – with a focus on research partnerships between those in the Global North and Global South.

Check out the new Equitable Partnerships Resource Hub.

Read more about the need for equity to achieve research and development impact in the blog: “No impact without equity” by Sheila Mburu, Laura Scott, Marta Tufet and Garry Aslanyan.