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We Scientists Shape Science

Science has become a lot bigger and faster. Join us now to make it better!

Jan 26
Jan 27
13:30 - 16:00
Eventforum Bern, Fabrikstrasse 12, 3012 Bern
We Scientists Shape Science (teaser)
We Scientists Shape Science (teaser)
We Scientists Shape Science (teaser)

We want science to be creative, solid, open, helpful for society and a good career opportunity for the talented youth. Let’s start to change what it means to be a scientist and the way and the framework in which science is conducted. It is us scientists who need to change science. Researchers and key players in the Swiss science landscape will decide upon first steps at the meeting. It is time for doing science better.


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We Scientists Shape Science 3
  • 2017
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Conclusions at the Congress «We Scientists Shape Science»

At the science congress «We Scientists Shape Science» 26/27 January 2017 in Bern over 200 researchers and key players in the Swiss science landscape decided upon first steps towards improving science.
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Open up, science!

Horizons highlights how the open science movement aims to make research more efficient, useful and reliable.
We scientists shape science at SPS annual meeting in Lugano (August 2016).
  • 24.08.2016
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«Science is not family-friendly»

Statements of young scientists on the way to make research today.


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registration will be open end of August till: 15.01.2017

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