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The research magazine Horizons offers an overview of research activities in Switzerland. Horizons is published jointly by the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Four times a year it reports on the latest developments in all scientific disciplines: from biology, medicine and social and cultural sciences through to mathematics and the natural sciences.

Learn more about the fascinating and inspiring world of science: what are the drivers of progress in medical research? What sources of energy can we use? Which issues will preoccupy future generations?

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  • Publication series

Horizonte Nr. 122
  • 2019

Taking a fresh look at school

Science has already clearly shown what is important in learning. However, teachers are often reluctant to take tuition.
Horizonte Nr. 121
  • 2019

Researchers in crisis zones

Who wants to understand conflicts needs to advance to their roots. How researchers deal with danger.
Horizonte Nr. 120
  • 2019

Rationalising emotion

They trigger investments. They make you ill. They are morally valued. Emotions are everywhere, research wants to nail them down. Will that succeed?
Horizonte Nr. 119
  • 2018

Large-scale research: from atomic bombs to citizen science

What’s a country to do with a spare ten billion? Bid to host the Olympic Games, finance a new airport? Build a hydroelectric dam, commission an aircraft carrier? How about a state-of-the-art space telescope?
Switzerland’s wild-west underground (in German)
  • 2018

Switzerland’s wild-west underground

Who owns the Swiss subsoil and how should it be used? The legislation is unclear. With underground usage subject to increased competition, it’s clear that a problem is emerging.
The impotence of experts (in German)
  • 2018

The impotence of experts

It’s getting more and more difficult for experts to get their arguments across to a broad public. We investigate why and offer advanced instructions for imparting knowledge: getting scientists heard amidst the noise of fake news. Read more in the current issue of the science magazine "Horizons".

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