Animal experimentation: are we allowed to do that? In this thematic portal, researchers of the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association give answers to frequently asked questions.

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Animals are used for the progress of human and veterinary medicine and to gain new scientific knowledge. Is this justified? When are animal experiments questionable? The social debate on how to weigh up the harm and benefits of animal experiments is in full swing. There are no clear answers to many of these questions. Natural science is only one voice among many in the social discourse on the acceptance and design of animal experiments in Switzerland.

As veterinarians, natural scientists, and biologists active in the Society for Laboratory Animal Science, we want to contribute to this discussion and provide answers to the most pressing questions about animal experiments in Switzerland from our point of view. At the end, however, everybody must make his or her own ethical judgement.

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Maike Heimann, Birgit Ledermann, Michaela Thallmair, Andrina Zbinden

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