Particle physics probes the basic building blocks of matter and their interactions, which determine the structure and properties of the extreme diversity of matter in the universe. The web portal makes the fascinating research understandable to an interested public.more

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Proton-Proton Collision (LHC, CERN)

Modern physics relies on an elegant «Standard Model of particle physics», a quantum field theory based on three symmetries and a symmetry breaking. This theory describes and explains magnificently all experimental results obtained so far. With the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the last missing piece of the Standard Model has been experimentally confirmed. Experiments at CERN and at other international laboratories now continue to test the validity and limits of the Standard Model in ever widening scope. However, for a comprehensive understanding of the laws of nature a theory beyond the Standard Model is needed, which should include gravitation and explain the presence of dark matter and dark energy in the universe.

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Gabriela Araujo, she also competes in science communication contests like Famelab

When physics comes to life

Congratulations to Gabriela Rodrigues Araujo, this year’s winner of the CHIPP prize for the best thesis in particle physics! Gabriela is a neutrino explorer – exploring those events whose particular

Image: Gabriela Araujo
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Schweizer Schüler an Physik-Olympiade in Estland ausgezeichnet

Vom 26. - 28. April nahm die Schweiz als Gastland an der Nordisch-Baltischen Physik-Olympiade teil. Für vier Champions der Schweizer Physik-Olympiade, die auf eine Teilnahme an der dieses Jahr in

Image: Physik-Olympiade