Particle physics probes the basic building blocks of matter and their interactions, which determine the structure and properties of the extreme diversity of matter in the universe. The web portal makes the fascinating research understandable to an interested public.more

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Media coverage

Starting in 2016, we provide here a list of of links to newspaper articles or other kinds of media coverage related to particle physics in Switzerland. Although the list is not exhaustive, it should include the most relevant articles on the subject.









Angela Benelli, Swiss member of the European Particle Physics Communication Network (EPPCN)

Up-to-date, worldwide overview of news on particle physics at:

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European Strategy Update media coverage:

NZZ: 19-06-2020 : Die zukünftige Strategie der europäischen Teilchenphysik nimmt Gestalt an link

Tagesanzeiger: 19-06-2020 : Ein kleiner Schritt zur grossen Weltmaschine link : 19-06-2020 : Le CERN dévoile sa stratégie européenne et n'écarte pas de construire un nouvel accélérateur de particules link