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Swiss Festival 2018



Meeting place

Technorama, Wintertour

The Swiss national selection took place on Saturday 17 November 2018 at Technorama in Winterthur. The authors of the 4 best projects were selected and will be sent to the European festival in Cascais, Portugal in 2019.

Concours national 2018

In accordance to the regulations of the European festival, the ideal Science on Stage project should:

  • promote students interest in science
  • refer to everyday life
  • have a sustainable effect
  • be feasible in everyday school life and be financed with reasonable expenses
  • promote inquiry-based learning

The four selected projects are:

Simple Spectro: an open source and affordable scientific instrument - Océane Patiny, Hackuarium & Luc Patiny, Hackuarium, EPFL

It's all in your hands - Thomi Scheuber, Gymnasium Kirschgarten & Sacha Glardon, Gymnasium Bäumlihof

hiLyte education - Annick Vidonne & Patricia Descombes, Gymnase de Renens

Projekt Zeitmaschine - Tessa Meyer, Taggesschule Elementa & Felix Speerli, Primarschule Zweillikon

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