Parliamentary Group Climate Change

The group provides and discusses current knowledge on climate change, its effects and measures against it.

Parliamentary Group «Climate Change»

The Parliamentary Group Climate Change seeks to impart up to date knowledge of climate change and its impacts and to encourage open discussions. Generally, the group arranges a business lunch on a specific topic of climate in each session.

All National and Cantonal Council members are invited in writing to these series of meetings. The invitation informs about the topic as well as the scheduled presentations. After the speeches, the participants are given the opportunity for discussions.

The Parliamentary Group Climate Change was founded by 8 members of the parliament on 19 september 1996. The first president was Gian-Reto Plattner, Council of States member. The first Vice-President was the National Councillor Christiane Langenberger.

Raphaël Comte, Councillor of States, Neuchâtel
Kathy Riklin, National Councillor, Zurich

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