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Award ceremony for the Prix Schläfli Geosciences 2019


16:15 - 16:45


Université de Fribourg
Auditorium Joseph Deiss
Boulevard de Pérolles 22
1700 Fribourg

Meeting place

Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Auditorium Joseph Deiss, Pérolles 22, University of Fribourg

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) has awarded the Prix Schläfli 2019 to the four most important insights gained by young researchers at Swiss universities. Julie Zähringer has been awarded by the Prix Schläfli Geosciences 2019 for her findings in sustainability science in Madagascar.

Julie Zähringer (Prix Schläfli 2019) im Interview mit einem Dorfbewohner (rechts) und mit Forschungsassistent und Übersetzer Paul Clément Harimalala (Mitte) im Studiendorf Banda
Image: Julie Zähringer

The Award ceremony takes place at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting during the plenary session.

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