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Towards a sustainable future: transformative change and post-COVID-19 priorities

All scientific evidence produced since the 1970s shows that humanity is bumping up against fundamental planetary boundaries. Urgent transformative changes are necessary to achieve sustainability.

EASAC Perspective "Towards a sustainable future*
Image: EASAC

This new publication lays out the scale of the problems that face humanity to match human development with the capacity of the Earth, and it examines the calls for a fundamental transformation of our current economic and social systems. Summarising this evidence with a focus on climate and biodiversity, the report is calling for long-term sustainability to be built into decision-making at all levels.

Measures that the scientists who authored the report propose are, for example, to replace GDP by measures of real well-being that do not rely on exploiting and destroying the planet’s resources, and to overcome the vested interests in the “brown” economy and start with replacing subsidies with positive incentives for environmental responsibility.

The report was produced under the auspices of the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

Edition / Volume: Perspective
Pages: 38 p.
Standard identifier: ISBN 978-3-8047-4199-7



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