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World in Transition – A Social Contract for Sustainability

WBGU Report 2011

In this report, the WBGU (German Advisory Council on Global Change) explains the reasons for the desperate need for a post-fossil economic strategy, yet it also concludes that the transition to sustainability is achievable, and presents ten concrete packages of measures to accelerate the imperative restructuring. If the transformation really is to succeed, we have to enter into a social contract for innovation, in the form of a new kind of discourse between governments and citizens, both within and beyond the boundaries of the nation state.

Summary of the report: World in Transition – A Social Contract for Sustainability

Full text in englisch will be published in fall 2011

German Versions (full and executive Summary)

Source: WBGU report [1]


  • Climate change mitigation
  • Earth system
  • Interactions
  • Mitigation
  • Politics
English, German