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Image: thomasfuer, photocase.demore

Swiss Water Resources – What is at Stake? Bettina Schaefli (CHy) at the 23rd Swiss Global Change Day

On 19 April 2023, the Swiss climate and global change science community met for the 23rd time at the annual Swiss Global Change Day organised by ProClim. Bettina Schaefli, President of the CHy, held a talk on Swiss water resources.

#SGCD23 Speaker: Bettina Schaefli
Image: Andres Jordi, SCNAT

Bettina Schaefli from the University of Bern and President of the Swiss Hydrological Commission (CHy) pointed out that changes in land use and progressive climate change pose new challenges to the management of water in Switzerland. Despite being the ‘water tower of Europe’, Swiss water resources are under pressure. While Switzerland is well organised in terms of decision support tools and collaboration with professionals, there is a lack of awareness of urban water users as well as regional and visional strategies regarding water use data.


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